Do Healthcare Marketers Deliver Care?

8/18/2021 | Season 1, Ep. 2

Is it time to look at marketers as part of the care delivery experience? Consumer choice is stronger than ever, and where people get their health information strongly impacts their health outcomes. As health systems must fight so much misinformation, what strategies and tools must they leverage, and what constitutes success? Join Chris Hemphill as they guide us through conversations about the role that marketing leaders play in today’s healthcare delivery. 

Guests in this episode include Dave Pavaletz, Ryan Younger, Mike Linnert, Chris Boyer, Christopher Penn, Craig Kartchner, Jared Johnson, and Jean Hitchcock. 

2 million email study: https://www.symphonyrm.com/healthcare-marketing-nearly-doubling-email-engagement-in-healthcare-based-on-2m-emails/ 

Henry Ford Health System’s (and Healthcare Rap’s) Zain Ismail interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgsOOjuR2bo

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